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A lot of people told me that Shutter was one of the scariest horror movies ever. But when I watched it, around 2 A.M., I almost fell asleep. It wasn’t scary at all. The jump scares were a little funny, too. Well, maybe it’s just me, but I think Shutter is the most over-rated horror movie.”

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Posted on December 4th at 8:01 AM
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    Are you sure these people didn’t mean the original?
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    pssst watch the original one
  5. enlitenvarulv said: Agreeing with everyone who suggests watching the original Thai version instead. It’s a thousand times better.
  6. strawberrybloody said: Well, that’s because the Thai version was much better. This American version is a snooze fest.
  7. halfway-into-darkness said: The American one isn’t scary. The original version is creepy.
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  10. thelaughingvulcan said: try watching the original one, the thai version, not the american remake. that’s why.
  11. thirstforrevenge said: Try the original. Any American remake of an Asian film pales in comparison, ex. Oldboy
  12. effbitchesdatewitches said: Honestly, if you watch a lot of them..they mostly aren’t scary anymore. I can’t remember the last time one truly scared me, but I love the genre.
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  15. lance-sam-bass said: But why would you watch a Horror American Remake when you have the original? We all know Asians are masters and pioneers in the horror genre. Any horror film that’s ever being remade by the westerners have always been weak and incomparable. SMH
  16. diablo-falling said: i think the really scary and jumpscare is Shutter [2004] thai film. not a American remake.
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